Sigillum Diaboli

from by Christ Agony



Awakened by the Wind
And bloody Sunrise
With a reflection of the Southern Light
Where the Mighty Moon
Indicates to the Mist
The Rite of Conception
The Rite of Passage
Initiation !

Hail Leviathan !!!
Hail Belial !!!
Hail Kaos !!!
Hail Satan !!!

Spread your legs, O Mighty Star !
Accept the seed of your Progeny !
To illuminate the old Sky !
Let it Burn !!! Let it Fall !!!
Let it be reborn !!!

Let the New Order bring people to the stars !
Let the Abyss of the Omnipotence
Bring them all to you !!!

Accept in your womb the legacy of Sin,
Your Heir and your King – bathed in Blood
From all the Children of Sirius …

Oh Blessed Venus !
Oh The Highest One !!!
Oh the Brightest One !!!

Burn the burden to the ashes …
The priests scatter remains of the Dead
Upon the Ocean of Sorrow and Oblivion …

This is the Seal of the Devil !
This is the Devil’s Mark !

Hail, oh Mother of the Stars
Hail !
Behold as the Seal of the Black Flame
Shall be opened …


from Legacy LP 2016, released November 18, 2016



all rights reserved


Christ Agony Poland

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