The Legacy of Sin & Blood

from by Christ Agony



Oh, Firstborn Son -
Stained by sanctity! Indeed! Ay?
Oh, Firstborn Son -
Why blood covers us all
From the day we are born…
Is holy he,
Who is not defiled by perpetration?
Oh, my Sacred Sin!
With wretched lips
Summoned by man!
Oh, my Sacred Sin!
You bring me not only Delight
But the Free Will to Fight…
Oh, my Sacred Sin!
Heir of Stars!
At the throne of the All-Mothers
You shall sit in Crimson!!!
Oh, Eternally Young!
You carry the Mystical Burden
From the Long Forgotten Time
Kingdom of Magnitude flooded by blood
Shall rise again, conceived in ritual, once more…
Jewel in the Crown
Heavenly throne!!!
Star of the Undead
Follows the path of us all, mortals…
Beyond the Nothingness I shall find myself
Beyond the Grimace of Face and Flesh…
My eyes sparkling bright
Inflaming the Mystical Fire
The One and only
Mysterious sign
The transmigration of astral phases
And living through only Death
Opening the New Gates…


from Legacy LP 2016, released November 18, 2016



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Christ Agony Poland

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